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We operate popular SNS sites !

E-Trinity operates popular SNS sites both in Japan and United States. Social Networking Service, or SNS in short, became a part of our daily life both in private and in business. Groups of friends depend on the messages that they share on SNS. Public organization accept donations on SNS. Businesses announce new products on SNS and get instant feedback from the product users.

Our SNS sites provides various services to its users. For examples, initiating a new community, sending and receiving messages, publishing personal blog, growing virtual character (avatar), playing on a game or other types of applications.

Our Popular SNS Sites

TEC provide you with opportunies to find local friends and join communities of your interest.

Online Credit : More Safety & More Convenience!

Users of our SNS sites can spend and receive payments using Online Credit system.
With enough Online Credit handy, a user can has access to continuous services on demand without going through each checkout process for payment. Users can also start a premium paid information service and other users can subscribe to those information by making payment using this Online Credit. We all know that people have many valuable information that they can share and there are many other people who are willing to pay for those information.
Currently, the following functions of our SNS sites require Online Credit for access;

  • Joining a Mailing List
  • Sending and Receiving Private Messages
  • Downloading an Application Client
  • Receiving Advising/Messaging
  • Creating and Upgrading your Avatar

These services can be initiated by you (user) and you can earn money !

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Having Online Credit on hand , you have "online money" ready to be used on various services described above.

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