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Refund Policy


Units purchased are refundable in cases of E-Trinity's service error and upon cardholder request for refund. Please note that purchased online credit will expire 365 days upon the original purchase date. There will be no refund for expired credit. In order to obtain a refund or exchange upon mutual confirmation of matters, please provide your correct e-mail/mailing address to E-Trinity. E-Trinity will not be liable for claims of non-receipt of communication that was a direct result of an incorrect e-mail/mailing address provided to E-Trinity. The customer is responsible for providing a correct/valid e-mail address to us.

Fraudulent Credit Card Charge(s) or Fraudulent Claims

All requests to reverse and/or negate charges are investigated by our Technical and Legal Departments. If a fraudulent claim of unauthorized card usage is made, E-Trinity reserves the right to report this activity to the customer’s bank. This report may result in cancellation of card services, have a negative impact with credit reporting agencies and/or create possible criminal charges that can be filed against the customer.

E-Trinity reserves the right to modify this Refund Policy at its discretion and/or in any case where it believes a customer is abusing the Refund Policy. Any such revision or change will be binding and effective immediately after the revised Refund Policy is posted here on E-Trinity Web sites. The customer agrees to periodically review the E-Trinity Web sites, including the current version of the Refund Policy.