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Please read carefully the following document and click the button at the bottom to proceed to checkout.

Credit Purchase Agreement

This Credit Purchase Agreement (this “Agreement”) governs your purchase of Credits on (the “Website”). This Agreement between you and E-Trinity Inc.(“E-Trinity”) is in addition to our Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy and all other terms and conditions applicable to the use of the Website.

1. The E-Trinity Credit System

(a) What Are “Credits”?
Credits are the monetary unit used on the Website You will use Credits to pay for access to information on our SNS sites

(b) What is the Value of a Credit?
The value that your Credits have in terms of a valid currency (e.g., U.S. Dollars or Euros) will be shown on the Credit balance page. The value that your Credits have in terms of that currency will change from time to time to reflect changes in currency exchange rates.

(c) How Long Do Credits Last?
You can use your Credits for up to 365 days from the date of purchase. After 365 days, you won’t be able to use the Credits any more, because they will cease to have any value. You acknowledge this time limit and waive any claims relating to expired Credits.

(d) Certain Rules Applicable to Credits
You can only use Credits on the Website, or on E-Trinity’s affiliate sites Only E-Trinity can sell Credits You cannot resell Credits E-Trinity does not guarantee that you will be able to use your Credits to purchase every product contained on the Website. You may have to pay separately for certain products offered by E-Trinity (e.g., subscriptions)

2. How to Purchase Credits

(a) Payments
You must have a valid E-Trinity member account to buy Credits You can purchase Credits using any of the payment methods available on the Website (i.e., credit card, Paypal, wire transfers etc.) You cannot buy less than 10 Credits at a time Payment by check is only allowed in the US and the UK You must purchase a minimum of 300 Credits if you pay by check or by wire transfer You will have to pay any wire transfer fees

(b) Invoice
When you purchase Credits, you will receive an invoice listing the number of Credits purchased and the date of purchase.

(c) Taxes and Other Charges
If you are a European company and you have a VAT number, you will have to provide it. Depending on your location, local taxes and VAT might apply to your purchase.

(d) Refund Policy
Once you have purchased Credits, you will not be able to convert them back into cash. Exception is when there is error on the side of our SNS service and other related services. Upon request from the user and documentation provided, we will promptly refund the amount in dispute to our user's credit card.

3. Credit Units & Monetary Cost

As of January 1st 2011 until further notice
In E-Trinity operated websites, 1 unit equals 5 dollars.

2 Units $10 US 1,000 Yen
4 Units $20 US 2,000 Yen
6 Units $30 US 3,000 Yen
10 Units $50 US 5,000 Yen
20 Units $100 US 10,000 Yen
40 Units $200 US 20,000 Yen
60 Units $300 US 30,000 Yen
100 Units $500 US 50,000 Yen
200 Units $1,000 US 100,000 Yen

We occasionally offer discounts and bonus units to our users with campaign.
Customer can use his units on demand, which is deducted on a per usage base.
Unit prices are established in both USD and JPY.
Further currency options will be available as the markets dictate.

Typical transactions that require online credit
  • To download 10 decorative moving character : 1 Unit
  • To join a mailing list : 2 Units
  • To get a cloth for his/her avatar : 1 - 10 Units
  • To download an application : 1 - 20 Units
  • To send a message to a premium information : 1 - 10 Units